Forgiveness: What Does It Do?

Forgiveness sets us free,
It delivers us from darkness,
And reveals our True Identity,
In the letting go of resistance.

Forgiveness brings two-ness to Oneness,
It allows us to accept God as only Love,
We do not mistake God’s Intention,
To Love those who have forgotten Him,
And those who forgive themselves.

For surely in relationship with His Holy Spirit,
The Son of God rises within the hearts of all
Who finds and trusts the One Who has never left.

Today, we talk about the final step in the four-article series of practicing the fine art of True Forgiveness. I sincerely hope that you have come to a better understanding of what forgiveness is, who it is for, and how it is used successfully. It is a tool to be used wisely when troubled by circumstances that seem to be out of our control. It is to be gifted to everyone, self, friend and foe alike. And, it is to be used unconditionally in all circumstances in each instant of time for the purpose of letting go of the resistance that takes our peace away.

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Forgiveness is releasing resistance to what is. We resist the acknowledgement of our true Divine nature whenever we look upon another or ourself in a condemning manner. For example, if I am affected by something you did, said or didn’t do or say, it’s because I believe you have wronged me and I have therefore affirmed to the Universe that you have sinned against me.

By affirming that this is so, many things are proclaimed as a result. First, I have testified that you and I are not One, but two separate Beings. By proclaiming two-ness, I automatically forfeit my inseparable relationship with the One Who created me and cannot be without. Second, I have affirmed that guilt and therefore shame must be real. If guilt and shame are real, then how can we ever be blameless – forgiven? Third, I have made forgiveness impossible for both you and I and in doing so, I proclaimed my guilt and resisted the opportunity to know myself through knowing you. Finally, by missing the opportunity to know myself through you, because I would rather condemn, I forgo the opportunity to know God and be at peace, as a result.

When we miss out on knowing God intimately by not allowing our natural alignment to be strengthened, we fail to see the truth in others. By failing to see others for who they are, we believe God has condemned us. Believing in a wrathful God only causes us to resist our true nature, our bliss. Why? Because, who isn’t afraid of an angry God? How can we stick around and hang out with God when he gets mad at us for turning our backs on Him, right? Isn’t that a scary thought? Why would God ever want to forgive us for leaving him (like the prodigal son)? Because, He loves us! His love is unconditional which means He has never condemned us.

God only asks that we forgive ourselves for making the mistake of thinking we could ever leave and turn our backs on Him. Mistakes are forgivable.

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From this perspective, forgiveness is an act of self-love. We do it to be free of all that is not true. Condemnation is not true, shame and guilt are not true, unworthy of being loved is not true. Well, how can that be? The truth is because we were created by Love for Love. The apple does not fall far from the tree, after all. We cannot be different from that Who created us. So, forgive yourself by forgiving another.

Forgive for your sake, not theirs.
God has not condemned us, we did this to ourselves.
Since God has not condemned, there is no one or no-thing to forgive.

We made guilt real by believing we had sinned but, God never saw a stain upon His prodigal son. Instead, He welcomed him home as though nothing had ever happened and they celebrated in joy and feast.

If God has never forsaken (left) us, then how could we have left Him? In Oneness, there is no separation, but within this world, there is. But, if God is and always has been with us, how can we be separate? Separation lacks Oneness and, is therefore, by definition, two-ness and more.

Forgiveness aligns us with who we really are, the Sacred Child of God!
Forgiveness, therefore, is the “act” of giving-for our Oneness.

We give to our neighbor, brother, sister, mother, father, children, friend and foe so that we may share in the glory of peace everlasting. To be at peace is to be aligned with our Oneness. Being aligned with our Oneness is recognizing and accepting that we are not separate, that we are one. And, to be at One, we must forgive our mistaken perception of two-ness.

Forgiveness is a tool useful only within this world of time. In Heaven (timelessness), it lacks applicability.

Recognizing that forgiveness is merely a tool and is therefore the key to the Kingdom of God, it is of use no more once the door is open. For the prerequisite for unlocking Heaven’s door, is that we must arrive as One. Only One can turn the key. Therefore, the one who sees, lives and breathes Oneness, understands what the key is for, how it is used, and what it will do. He sees Christ within and without. Recognizing himself in another as being the same, he has used the key wisely.

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What does forgiveness do? It sets us free by realigning us with the truth that we are not two but One. The only way to be as One is to know that we never left our Father in Heaven and that we, are therefore, incapable of being guilty.

We need only know that by offering the gift of forgiveness to another we set ourselves free because as we forgive we are forgiven. Seeing this reveals the truth that we are and always have been One.

Now that we know what forgiveness is, who it is for, how it is used, and what it does, we are ready to master peace everlasting. Being the goal of True Forgiveness, wholly practiced, we free ourselves from worry and concern. Within the sanctity of peacefulness, we experience our life as love and abundance within and without. Go forth, then, and confidently master your peace everlasting.

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