Remembering Love: How A Little Turns Into A Lot!

I am sitting here in my element of my familiar resting place within my beloved sanctuary I call home. I am gratefully surrounded by many beautiful and inspiring things, furniture, artwork, pets, and the early morning daylight. Peacefully lounging slumped into my big comfy recliner and about to check my e-mail, I was suddenly reminded of some chores I needed to tend to right away. It was time to feed the dogs, take care of the cats, make the bed and put a load of laundry in the machine.

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It’s funny how the routine of the day can be so significantly important, at least it is to me. Without placing priority on the things I know I will need to attend to at some point in the day, I find I cannot clear my mind. Until all things are organized and carefully cared for, my mind cannot settle on the expression of our Divinity. So, I check off the to-do list and appreciatively resume my comfy and creative position. Back into the recliner I go. 

As I sit reclined, it dawns on me that it wasn’t until I began performing the morning chores that my mind reminded me of something beautiful and inspiring. It was a memory of love gone by, a love for someone who had at one time brought great joy and life into my life. I remember this moment of pure bliss and joy so immeasurable that I’m sure it could not have registered on any Richter Scale of seismic proportion at the time. Suddenly, I feel my heart expand and fill even more full. This immediately caught my attention, and now, I’m thinking about the mechanics of this experience.

So, is this an article about “The Importance of Tending to Your Daily Routine in Finding Inspiration,” or is it something else?

Well, let’s see. How about you decide?

Ok! So now that we have that organized <smiling>, let’s move on.

Let’s review for a moment. I was lounging in my comfort zone when suddenly inspiration strikes me. While performing menial chores during the first part of my day, out-of-the-blue, I am reminded of a great (but past) love. The memory draws my attention to my heart center recognizing that I felt a slight pressure in my chest. As soon as my awareness was centered on my heart, it was as though some type of flood gate opened up and my heart began expanding tenfold or more. In this moment I became acutely aware that something happened that I felt was not of my doing.

Without understanding and an option to find immediate clarity, I set out to complete my chores.

Now, I’m still sitting in my lounger relaxing and remembering that which I pushed aside out of ignorance a few moments before. However, I feel as though I am about to tell myself something new or at least it is something old that is renewed within me.

Moving forward: I ask myself, “What’s this all about?”

I realize I’m getting the answer faster than I can type. And, what I’m getting is something I already know but had not before learned from this angle. Or, at least I don’t remember learning it like this.

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My intuition reminded me of that age-old Law of Attraction – like attracts like. However, the insight doesn’t stop there. It also taught me that Love is an Entity that is consciously aware of my mental attempt to call upon love. Love’s natural response is to answer the call.

What this means is that I took the initial conscious step to think about something beautiful (the memory), and Love, the Entity, poised Its Focus more intently on me because of “the call.” It’s like when you might be in your house, your office, your car, or at your daycare center waiting for your little girl to come running happily excited to see you, that you find yourself thinking about someone. Then, the phone rings. Your attention is alerted to the ring and your intention is to answer the call. In the same moment, you realize it’s the person you had just been thinking about. Guess what? Immediately, your awareness of this person is more focused on them because of their call.

This is what Love does. It answers our call to Love with Love (with Itself). My little attempt to remember love commissioned Love’s Response more intently. Why? Because, like attracts like and with the call, we welcome Love in. Love always rushes in through any opened door. It never withholds Its Presence when someone answers the door merely by opening it to Love.

Thinking about this reminds me of a liquid embroidery painting I did as a child of Jesus standing at someone’s door and he is about to knock. This is a large canvas painting that my parents had framed for me. At one time it had hung on the wall at the end of the hallway of my parents’ home. Now, it is proudly exhibited in my bedroom on a wall where as soon as I get out of bed, it is the first thing I see.

This seemingly insignificant memory of love became a teaching moment for me this morning. I learned about Love’s immediate intention to answer my call by rushing into my heart and filling it until it could almost burst. This teaches me that our little attempt to be willing to think about love meets with an unimaginable proportion of love so full that I am suddenly so much more aware and wanting more!

I believe it’s about wanting more. But first, you have to ask for more. By thinking about something pleasant or beautiful, such as I did with the memory of a past love, the emotion of love must be evoked. The thought and the emotional response are separate although they come together so quickly it happens without our awareness; the connection (or pairing) being largely unconscious.

In order to have more, you must have initially asked for what it is you want more of. This is the thought. As the thought is put out to the “like attracts like Universe,” the resonating emotion arrives and simultaneously emits its specific frequency into the Universe. Not unlike answering the phone when it rings, the Universe picks up our call and responds in like. But like any giving parent, the Universe always gives us more of that which we asked for than what we asked for. There is always more! The Universe is endlessly abundant.

Since our human condition is to always want more, it is our choice to decide how much more of “what?” it is we want. Do we want more love or more fear? In this memorable moment while doing my routine chores, I obviously chose to want more love. I wasn’t aware that I was doing this but from the resulting experience it became stupendously obvious that love was what I was asking for.

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Ask and yee shall receive – abundantly – tenfold or more! This is what I re-learned, again, today!

With a little willingness, allow Love to come rushing in and answer your call. You’ll be glad you opened the door. A simple request for help, for love, is all it takes to change our lives in each little moment. We get so much more than we ask for when we ask for more.

So, in conclusion, what have you decided about this article? Is it an article about, “The Importance of Tending to Your Daily Routine in Finding Inspiration,” or is it something else? <winking>

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