How To View “I Must” And “I Should” Beliefs As Limiting Your Full Potential: 10 Solution-Focused Steps To Choosing Your Fullest Potential

Why not make this simple? Let’s start with a specific belief we tell ourselves everyday. How about something like this? “If I don’t take care of this now, or do this first, _____ will happen.” You fill in the blank.

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How many times a day, week, or month do you think you say this (or some variation of this) to yourself or out loud to someone else? I bet it is a bunch of times, isn’t it? We all do it, and we have become highly proficient at doing it.

What is “it?” Well, it’s worry, naturally!

We say things like this to ourselves because we believe worrying helps find solutions. Is that not one of the strangest beliefs we humans value? Worrying only makes matters worse! How does worrying create a solution? Well, it may not create the type of solution we are looking for but it will create some type of an effect we will most likely not be happy with. It is time then, to wake up and see how these beliefs limit our experiences of a life full of potential.

For a moment, let’s consider the Law of Attraction which operates from the basis that like attracts like. That is, whatever we think about, whatever we give our power to (i.e., our energy: attention and focus), we attract. Thoughts and heart-felt feelings (a.k.a. emotions) are forms of energy. We manifest thoughts (ideas) into physical form by thinking a thought coupled with a qualifying emotion. When mind and heart comes together, we create.

Following this principle of like attracts like, we are then, better able to understand how worrying creates something more to worry about rather than creating a welcomed solution. So, then, what does worrying do for us?

Good question!

It may help to consider this. Where did these “I must” and “I should” statements originate? Most often than not, we were programmed to think this way as children. In an attempt to protect us from harm or from a life void of some level of success, our parents or guardians instilled these beliefs into our psyches. As a result, their beliefs became ours. Because our parents believed in the benefits of worrying, we too, chose to value them.

We know now where these beliefs originated, but is this the end of the story? No, of course not! We aren’t children anymore! Right? Which means we have the power to create our own beliefs and pass them along to our children.

But, wait! What if we don’t choose to change these limiting beliefs? It’s our choice, after all! There’s no law written saying we have to reach our fullest potential in this life. However, I’m tipping that if you are reading this, you are most likely not only actively seeking it but pursuing it, as well. Your eyes landed upon this blog because you are looking for solutions, the kind of solutions that are Eternal and that which will assist you on your spiritual path.

You know you have some kind of mysterious power within you and you are saying to yourself more often than you care to admit, “there’s got to be more to life than this!” I assure you, there is. So be prepared to ask yourself some serious questions and follow the steps to choosing your fullest potential provided below. If you do, your life will become richer and spiritually full. You will be pleased.

So ask yourself this question: Do I want to choose beliefs that cause me to worry or would I rather believe in solutions? Or better yet, ask yourself this question. If I choose to worry, what will my life look like a week, month, year, or 5 years from now?

The answer to that question depends on which side of the “belief fence” you want to find yourself standing. Assuming of course, you cannot sit on the fence. Do you want to stand steadily on the side where you are living within your fullest potential and feeling and being abundant and prosperous, full of joy and love for yourself, others, and the world? Or, do you want to stand on the side of the fence that wreaks of worry and uncertainty always looking for abundance, joy and love? They always seem to be just around the corner slightly out of reach. You never really feel like you are enough or worthy to have everything you desire.

Wow, what a difference! These choices demonstrate the power of choosing fear or choosing trust. Because like attracts like, when we choose something based on fear such as worry, we experience more of that which we will need to worry about. However, by choosing to give the problem over to the spiritual aspect of who we really are – otherwise known as God – we exercise trust, and therefore, experience more of that which we can trust. When the perfect solution arrives, we learn that it is much more fortuitous to trust rather than to worry. As a result, worrying becomes less of a pastime and the ability to trust that the solution will appear (without worrying about it) becomes the norm.

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Here are 10 Steps to Choosing Your Fullest Potential that you will want to follow if you decide to choose the side of the “belief fence” that represents your highest path.

First, proclaim to yourself and the world that you are the beloved Child of God.
Second, quietly (within your mind) thank your parents/guardians for loving you enough to want to see you succeed even if their beliefs weren’t really your truth or for your highest good.
Third, vow to yourself that you will consistently monitor your thoughts and feelings when a problem appears in your life. The first sign of perceiving a problem will most often than not show up as a physical sensation such as, a feeling of dread experienced in your stomach, or a gripping fear experienced as a tightness in your throat and or chest.
Fourth, change the worry statement from, “I must” or “I should” to “What if I don’t worry about this and trust that a solution will appear?”
Fifth, after making the statement, change your mind by focusing on something pleasant or fun and move on. Leave it alone and let go.
Sixth, remind yourself to believe that by not worrying about the problem your solution will appear and it will be a much greater solution than you could ever have hoped to experience.
Seventh, be happy and be grateful!
Eighth, remember to practice this for the very next problem you perceive.
Ninth, practice this everyday every chance you get for at least six weeks. It is said that it takes the mind approximately six weeks to adopt a new habit.
Tenth (optional), share your solution-focused action plan with another.

You are all set! That is, by following these helpful steps to experiencing your fullest potential without worry, you will have firmly and deliberately placed a solid footing upon your highest path of love, joy, peace and abundance. Go forth faithfully trusting that you are the wisest one you know to be making decisions in your life from here on out.

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