Meditation & Your Subconscious Mind: It’s Time to Clean It Up

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Have you ever considered those subconscious beliefs and how they are constantly running in the background of your mind much like apps and programs on your computer?

This constant mind-chatter and bubbling up beliefs from your unconscious mind effectively orders the appearance of stress-induced physical diseases that you are experiencing right now.

Being in a constant state of stress is the harbinger of disease.

A complete operating system shutdown – relaxation – is required for healing to take place in your body.

In just 3 minutes, Tone Therapy N.O.W. is an effective, quick & easy stress-reducing aid for tone therapy meditations. Feel the calming tones with this 3-minute meditation aid.

And the one tool that has absolutely changed my life and millions of others around the globe, is meditation.

Meditation has been around for thousands of years and our mind is constantly telling us scary and limiting things.

The mind, when it’s used as a tool, is an amazing system and platform for healing.

Meditation shuts down this constancy of stress-related chatter, which effectively quiets the fears of the one who’s connecting to the awareness of stillness.

This convenient to carry Thumb Worry Stone is made of 7 natural crystals that represent the 7 main Chakra energy centers of the body. Rub the crystal with your thumb whenever you’re feeling stress and to quickly relieve your anxiety; it’s great for meditation-time.

Yes, you ARE a mind. In this dream, you are a mind clutching to a body.

And in this dream, there are big hairy monsters that want to gobble us up. And so the body has a defense mechanism referred to as ‘the fight or flight (fear) response,’ and meditation stimulates the parasympathetic or relaxing nervous system of the body.

At the more basic level, meditation relieves stress. And because stress is another word for fear, meditation relieves the fear response triggering all the ’good feeling’ hormones to be released into the blood stream.

Time spent in daily meditation can, therefore, effectively heal not only mental health but your dysfunctional physiology.

One does not need to spend gobs of time in meditation, but your mind needs to become still and relaxed in order for healing to take place and meditation, hands down, is thee best way to promote healing at any level.

This book can help you learn how to free your mind from all those big hairy monsters in your life by relieving stress, anxiety, depression and a host of other ailments. Meditation can help promote deep sleep and healing at the molecular level of your body. Transform your life, quite literally, with daily mediation practices.

Guided Meditation for Beginners

Perfect Stress-Reducing Aids


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