In The Beginning, There Were Starseeds And Lightworkers: When The Student Is Ready, The Teacher Appears

Having been on a personal journey to the Soul for as long as I can remember, I have, like many, stumbled, made many mistakes, and picked myself up only to stumble and make mistakes again. Each fall was painful and frustrating to some degree. I tried hard to go back to a simpler life of blissful ignorance, but there was no going back! Why? Because! I answered the Call, and I was hooked.

After having walked this sacred path for many years, I know there are many others who have walked theirs stumbling, falling and picking themselves back up again to dust off and keep moving forward. It has been a painful yet rewarding journey to the Soul as I am sure it has been for others who, through trial and error, etched out and rejoined a once familiar though forgotten road to everlasting peace.

There is a part of me who understands that this trial and error approach is not always necessary if only we would remember who we are and Who we belong to. Knowing this from deep within, I believe humanity’s transformation into the Light has beckoned an influx of those who want to join us and show us the way. These are our children of today. They come in droves and they are far more consciously connected to our Creator than we who have come before.

Being born behind the veil of illusion like the rest of us, these children need gentle yet, powerfully effective reminders of who they are and why they are here. Our everlasting lives depend on this. Once they reach adolescence and up, they will be ready to receive the knowledge (wisdom) from those who, like me, have traveled the high yet, lonely and sometimes isolating path of higher consciousness. We are their teachers.

We walked the talk and talked the walk and now it is time to share the knowledge we gained from years of uncertainty and loving connection. As important as these kid’s missions are, teacher roles are even more so. We are being called to wake up and get to work modeling for our kids. Our jobs as their teachers are to become consciously aware of who we really are and be prepared for when the students are ready, we (you and I) appear!

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So, who are the teachers and who are these kids?

The teachers are forefathers known specifically as Starseeds and Lightworkers. They came to earth with a specific mission – to lift up humanity for the Ascension – and are these children’s parents. More specifically, a Starseed is a being that has experienced life elsewhere in the Universe on another planet and in non-physical dimensions other than on earth. Starseeds may or may not have had previous lifetimes on earth. Starseeds are souls like any other however, unlike many on earth; Starseeds do not come directly from the Source into a human body. Rather, they first incarnate on their planet of origination and, then choose to be born here on earth.

There is an uncommon knowledge asserting that there are three categories of Starseeds: Typical, Old Soul, and New. Take a moment to review these different categories of Starseeds to determine if you fit into one.

A Typical Starseed may have lived between five and fifty lifetimes on earth. Some of these were preparation lifetimes which included periods of acclimatization to becoming human and for developing their life missions on earth. These Starseeds are generally within the ages between late adolescence and adulthood and are often referred to as Lightworkers, Blue-Rays and Indigos.

Old Soul Starseeds have lived hundreds of lifetimes on earth going back as far as the beginning of humanity and the planet. These Souls are considered the Guardians of earth. Their life missions are tied into the long-term evolution of earth and humanity; this being their motivation to willingly choose to incarnate on earth many times in order to fulfill these projects. They have often performed the roles of High Priest/tresses, Spiritual Teachers, Shamans, Healers, and leaders such as kings and queens. These Starseeds hold wisdom and spiritual knowledge of the ancients as it has been used on earth. This includes human knowledge of Astronomy, Astrology, Runes, Numerology, healing modalities, and various spiritual ceremonies. Old Soul Starseeds have mastered the ability to maintain a balance between being grounded in humanity and being spiritually aligned. As a result, this will most likely be their last lifetime as a human being.

New Starseeds have lived few previous or no lifetimes on earth. They are attracted to Earth and humanity at this time of Ascension (an elevation into higher consciousness) as it is easier for them to integrate with humanity now than at previous times. They come to share important gifts with humanity and to play essential roles during this time of great change. Their energy fields are quite pure and expansive as they have not before experienced the process of becoming dense – lowering their vibrational frequency to match that of Earth’s. Even though they have amazing gifts, they can find it challenging to integrate within humanity being markedly different from the Star Beings they are and the worlds they represent. They simply have no experience of the lower consciousness of humanity; this lifetime often being the first of a series of future cycles of lifetimes on earth. At this current time, these new Starseeds are most often young and may be referred to as Crystal and Rainbow Children.

Earth represents a place of service more than a place of learning for Starseeds who have achieved higher consciousness on other planets. As a result of living fewer lifetimes on earth compared to the average human being, Starseeds retain some of their other planetary abilities such as healing, telepathy, and channelling. Starseeds often come to earth at times of rising spiritual awareness as this is the environment in which their gifts can be recognized and where they are in an evolutionary position to help others.

The motivations for all Starseeds choosing to come to earth are to help and serve mankind as well as planet Earth. Having spiritual gifts to share mankind, Starseeds strongly desire to help others. Prior to their human incarnations, each Starseed has a plan put in place that was created to direct the manifestations and expressions of service in their new lifetimes upon earth. The plan is referred to as the Life Mission which details the potentials for each individual Starseed.

It is vital for Starseeds to fulfill their personal life missions on earth. In addition to fulfilling their individual missions, Starseeds agree to come here because their human experiences provide a sense of satisfaction and healing that many Starseeds are looking for. Starseeds often choose to come here in order to sample conditions for growth and experiences that do not exist elsewhere.

Below, you will find a list of Starseed attributes. Starseeds have

  • a deep interest in spirituality;
  • an ability to spiritually grow rapidly as if they have done this before;
  • a realization that earth is not their true home;
  • an inexplicable attraction to outer space, the stars and science fiction;
  • personal qualities, such as being artistic and sensitive;
  • experienced difficult and challenging lives;
  • dreams or memories of places not on earth; and
  • experiences of physical and non-physical encounters with star guides and other planetary beings.

There have been many titles given to the new generation of children, “Star Children,” “Gifted Children,” “Millennium Children” or “Special Children.” However from the spiritual perspective, they are Blue-Ray, Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow Children; these names representing the color of their auras and energy patterns. They have arrived within the last four to five decades and continue to arrive at higher rates. Activation of their life missions on earth is solely to assist Earth and humanity with our transition and rebirth to a higher consciousness.

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The following sections are characteristic attributes of Blue-Ray, Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow Children.

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Blue-Ray Children. The first wave of incoming Blue-Ray’s are currently around middle age and are older than Indigo’s. Not unlike Lightworkers and other Starseeds before them, they too have felt isolated and lonely, feeling like outcasts much of their lives having a sense of being misplaced with an unexplainable yet, integral part of themselves missing.

They grew up in a world that was not highly evolved. They had to conform to society’s standards and suppress their true nature. Blue-Ray’s have felt powerless, timid and vulnerable most of their lives. Only in recent years have they begun to own their power and realize their self-worth. They have a tendency to suffer from low self-esteem and lack self-confidence. Blue-Ray’s, believing they were not good enough, quietly lived their lives without speaking up or making waves. Having felt oppressed for so long, they doubted their inheritable value and questioned their ability to affect change.

As adults, they have embraced their divinity and have reclaimed their true spirit. Recently, they have endeavored to release themselves from old patterns of belief systems that have been limiting and harmful. The Awakening has promoted Blue-Ray’s to sever the cords with co-dependent behaviors liberating their sense of self-worth. In fact, many Blue-Ray’s have Indigo or Crystal children or grandchildren who are teaching them how to have confidence and to be more assertive!

As the higher energies and frequencies enter the planet with the veils thinning, we are being pushed on some level to awaken. Blue-Ray’s came here to participate either as an energy holder, to make a difference, or to take a stand. For these individuals, there has always been a feeling of discontent and discomfort that this planet is far too harsh for them having been witness to the cruel ways we treat each other, animals, and the earth. They desperately want to connect with others and be settled in a place that feels peaceful, loving and kind.

Blue-Ray’s are deeply sensitive and empathic often becoming easily overwhelmed, frustrated and fatigued. It is a constant balancing act to maintain their equilibrium so as not to take on energies around them. They have endured many challenges in their lives which has strengthened their outer resolve. However, their ultra-sensitivity makes them appear weak to those who misjudge and underestimate their intrinsic powers.

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Indigo Children. The main influx of Indigo’s that came to earth was between 1970 and 1990, although many scout Indigo’s arrived before 1970 and some continue to arrive. Many are coming in with parallel characteristics of that of Crystal children; or a crossover between Indigo’s and Crystal’s. Indigo’s and Blue-Ray’s come from different lineages, but one of the main differences between them is that Indigo’s are either still children or young adults at this time.

Being highly sensitive and intuitive, these children are also intelligent, fast learners, and technologically orientated with some having amazing memories. They are astutely academic in situations where they are able to stay focused and content within their environments and with other people.

They have indigo auras which are connected to the “Third Eye” frequency; thus, these children are extremely creative with some having heightened psychic abilities of clear seeing (clairvoyance), clear hearing (clairaudience), clear feeling (clairsentience), and clear knowing (claircognizance). These abilities allow them to hear or see spirits and angels, detect dishonesty, or to demonstrate accurate inner knowing about events, situations, and people.

Due to their relatively high levels of creative energy, Indigo’s are hyperactive, impatient, inconsiderate and disrespectful. They are direct, determined and confident people. Many display warrior temperaments and easily get frustrated with routines, rituals, rules and regulations.

Indigo’s can be outspoken and tend to be resistant to rigid, control-based paradigms of authority. While they may attempt to go with the flow, they cannot suppress how against the “system” they really are. They simply cannot and will not accept things that do not make sense to them. Indigo’s are extremely perceptive, and therefore, possess a keen awareness that sometimes gets in their way of being able to understand why others do not see what is so obvious to them. Being manipulated in any way by authority is not only frustrating to Indigo’s but downright insulting.

Indigo’s come here to help liberate us from our limiting beliefs and behaviors. They challenge old beliefs and clear the way for Crystal and Rainbow children to complete their missions. Indigo’s are natural leaders wisely guiding us into a new age of cooperation, creativity and functional society where corruption and deceit become a thing of the past.

If you think you may be an Indigo, or a parent of an Indigo child, refer to the following Indigo attributes listed below. Indigo Children

  • have a wisdom and level of caring beyond their youthful experience;
  • do not respond well to traditional parenting and discipline strategies;
  • vibrate at a high energetic frequency which places them more at risk (than the average person) to experiencing unwanted effects of negative energy;
  • can be highly emotionally reactive, and if not energetically balanced, may experience bouts of anxiety, depression or temper rages;
  • are creative right brain thinkers and, as a result, may struggle to learn in a traditional left brain school system;
  • are often diagnosed with ADD and ADHD since they appear impulsive (their brains process information faster) and require movement to help keep them focused;
  • are prone to food intolerances and environmental sensitivities;
  • can behave self-centered and demanding when their needs are not met; and
  • have incredible gifts and potential, though may shut down if not properly nurtured and accepted.
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Crystal Children. Crystal children are the generation following Indigo’s. Crystal’s emanate love in all actions and deeds. Being indicators that demonstrate humanity’s evolution, they are the living examples of mankind operating from the Higher Self rather than ego.

The main influx of Crystal children took place around the year 2000, although some Crystal scouts arrived much earlier. These are very powerful children whose main purpose is to take us to the next level in our evolution. They assist us with awakening our inner power and Divinity with their unwavering faith in Oneness, innate love, wisdom and peace. In so doing, a safe and a more secure world is created.

Crystal’s have opalescent auras containing beautiful multicolor frequencies in pastel hues. They possess innate spiritual gifts involving telepathy and psychic abilities. They are extremely intuitive and sensitive to energies and emotions. It is not uncommon for Crystal children to start speaking at the later age of 3 or 4 with some having difficulty developing speech. As a result, some of these children are diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Similar to Indigo’s, Crystal’s are highly creative, powerful and resourceful beings. Many innocently exert an authoritative presence making them appear like wise adults in little bodies. Similar to sages or gurus, their power is from within and is expressed through sheer determination and crystal-clear intentions.

Crystal’s are born along the ninth dimensional level of higher (Christ) consciousness. They are happy, calm, peaceful, caring, affectionate, compassionate, delightful and forgiving individuals.

Crystal’s differ from Indigo’s whose focus is at the individual level, in that they function as a group consciousness. They are enlightened beings radiating pure Love living in harmony with all. They are at peace with themselves, others and the world around them. Because of their unimpeded Divine connectedness with Oneness, Crystal children are fascinated and in-tune with animals, plants, minerals, and the with stars and the moon. They love wandering in nature, playing with animals, stargazing, and collecting crystals.

The heart energy centers (Chakra) of Crystal’s are wide open allowing them to be highly empathetic. Because of this heightened sensitivity, they are in constant need of reassurance that they are loved and protected. In dysfunctional relationships and environments, they will often shut down withdrawing into isolation and secluding themselves from the world. In situations like this, they survive in silence by carrying much of their pain and others’ until they can no longer cope and begin to manifest physical or emotional illnesses. These children need an understanding, loving and nurturing environment to growth within.

The easiest way to immediately spot Crystal’s is in their intense, wide-eyed stare. It may seem like they see everything with these big eyes; their eyes reflecting their deep spiritual understanding. They see past the surface of the ego right into the inner Divine Light of the Soul, and their eyes open in awe as they take everything in. They are irresistibly loving children. Even people who are not normally “kid people” are drawn to their warm personalities. Crystal’s are the embodiment of Christ consciousness. They have come to show us “The Way.”The following Crystal attributes can help you determine if you are a parent of a Crystal child. Crystal Children

  • are musically oriented, and some sing before talking;
  • use telepathy and self-invented sign language to communicate;
  • are highly forgiving and compassionate;
  • exhibit healing abilities;
  • often discuss the realities of angels, spirit guides, and past-life memories;
  • prefer vegetarian to regular food;
  • may be fearless explorers and climbers possessing an amazing sense of balance;
  • are sensitive to loud noises, crowds, temperatures, clutter and disorganization, and chaotic environments; and
  • are sensitive to artificial ingredients and chemicals.
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Rainbow Children. Being earth Angels, Rainbow children are the builders of the “New World”; a world resonating with love and compassion. Described as being “fearless” and “pure givers,” they radiate rainbow energy; a high vibrational energy of unconditional love. They are the embodiment of our Divinity and the example of our potential.

Rainbow’s have been arriving over the past five years and continue to incarnate on earth, although very few are currently here at this time. Rainbow’s coming in at this time, are the scouts; the major influx occurring between 2010 and 2030.

Already at their spiritual peak, Rainbow’s have not incarnated on earth before. They have evolved from other planets/systems where they have resolved all karma and personal learning lessons. Lacking karmic debt, they are free to focus purely on service and humanity allowing selfless service to be their only Soul mission.

Not unlike Crystal children, Rainbow children are being diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder or Asperger’s Syndrome. Among other characteristic symptoms such as delayed speech, they tend to have difficulties relating to human emotions, especially the negative kind. They give and love unconditionally and, are therefore, uncorrupted by negativity and judgments.

Unlike Crystal’s who display affection only to those warranting their trust, Rainbow’s are universally affectionate. They heal and envelop us in a blanket of soothing rainbow-colored healing energy.

Below is a list of Rainbow attributes that can help you determine if you are a Rainbow parent. If you are, thank you! I say this from the bottom of my heart. Rainbow Children

  • have the ability to communicate telepathically;
  • do not choose dysfunctional families as there is no need to experience childhood chaos in order to grow spiritually;
  • are able to express their needs and wants early in life;
  • hold emotional mastery and, can therefore, recover quickly from a state of negative emotion;
  • are psychic and possess the ability to read other people’s feelings;
  • are known to be natural healers and are able to manifest instantly;
  • have strong wills and personalities;
  • have a connection to color and resonate with colors around them;
  • enjoy being in colorful surroundings and wearing brightly colored clothes;
  • are creatively high-energy; and
  • possess large and trusting eyes.

Rainbow’s arrive with the purpose to complete the final stages of the foundation that Indigo’s and Crystal’s previously laid. Indigo, Crystal, and Rainbow children have come in sequence and each with a specific task. Indigo’s strive to break down the paradigm of traditional thinking and ego-driven authority while Crystal’s work eagerly to build upon this newly laid foundation with their Christ consciousness energy. Finally, Rainbow’s come along and build on top of this with their radiant Rainbow energy of unconditional Love.

With help from these amazing Starseed kids, all of humanity is offered the opportunity to live within the paradigm of Oneness where we cannot possibly fail to succeed in living authentically. These kids have much to teach us, and therefore, desperately need our help to remember who they are. Our humanity depends on their coming of age. They are our legacy and our savior.

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