It’s Time to FORGIVE: Is There Someone You Need to Forgive or Maybe You Need to be Forgiven?

If There is, Then You’ll Want to Watch This…

Our caregivers and parents have taught us that forgiveness is a “right” yielded by the forgiver to use as he or she may: You have been taught by watching others that when they say they have forgiven someone for some act that their forgiveness is quickly relinquished as soon as the individual cannot hold up their “end of the bargain”: “I’ll forgive you as long as you _________” You fill in the blank.

People who practice this type of forgiveness are not TRULY offering forgiveness, are they! Rather, this type of forgiveness is just a power trip for the forgiver to be the one “holding all the cards” over another.

In my video, I talk about TRUE FORGIVENESS, what it is, what it does and who it’s for. This is the kind of forgiveness that will change your life; it is the quintessential KEY to FREEDOM and freedom you WILL receive when you offer TRUE FORGIVENESS. It’s worth learning about and practicing because…

BECAUSE, your life will never be the kind of life you deserve if you don’t. In fact, you’ll always be just as enslaved as the one you’ve “forgiven.”

FREE YourSELF right NOW by offering this FREEDOM to another through TRUE FORGIVENESS. Watch to find out more…

True Forgiveness: What is It, What Does it Do, & Who is It For?

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