God Is All There Is: Our Universe Is A Closed System

Kory M Wood Home

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From our small vantage point, it appears as many, but it’s only ONE.

Space-time overall is four-dimensional, or (3 + 1)-dimensions, where time is the fourth dimension. …time has one direction (forward) because entropy (a measure of disorder) never decreases in a closed system such as the universe.

Our Universe, in fact, all universes of dimensions, are CLOSED SYSTEMS.

What does this mean?

It means that life as we experience it within a physical universe is enclosed (encapsulated) within the geometrical measure and shape of a tiny particle.

Think of the masculine representing the Square and feminine representing the Circle and the Divine Trinity as the Triangle.

All are found within each other though the triangle is all inclusive holding both masculine and feminine.

God is, however, at the top of the triangle unaware of anything lower than He.

God is never aware in the same way our human minds become aware (conscious) of all things universal.


Because God (being pure consciousness) cannot be PURE if it could perceive anything less than Himself (God).

Anything that is not sitting at the highest frequency of singularity is duality.

Inherently, then, it is impossible for singularity to perceive duality. If it could, it would no longer be Singular (ONENESS).

We should be grateful for this otherwise we would remain bound to a mind/body stuck forever within a closed system of duality (good and bad), within the confines of this Universe and with no escape.

Thank God our Truth is Oneness!

The lies our sleeping minds tell us every 24 hours is just a dream.

A dream is meant to disappear once we awaken.

And, again, thank God for this, because it means He’s always ‘there’ ever present in Singularity, peaceful, loving and eternal.

This is Heaven in Its TRUTHFULNESS.

Dying, is not the ‘way out’ of duality, this closed (box-like) system of universes, dimensions, time & space, but rather through AWAKENING and ASCENDING UP into the memory God holds for us in ONENESS.

ONENESS is the state of Being peaceful and loving. It is the all encompassing consciousness of God. Where God is All There Is.

We are very fortunate to have God’s way out.

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