Our 5 Mistakes

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It’s important to get balanced in your energy to be in alignment with your Highest Self, the Source of Life (God). There are plenty of practical things you can do to get into alignment, and it is being in alignment with our Source that helps us feel and believe in our worthiness.

Being connected to The Presence (God Source) within us, can instill self-confidence and feelings of empowerment. Not only this, we begin to experience life as being abundant, fulfilling and purposeful.

The more you increase your desire to be in alignment with our Source, the more you feel you can trust and have unwavering faith that God has your back and is protecting and guiding you in every way. At the same time, you are easily manifesting the things you need and want and come to realize through this that you don’t have to work hard to have a comfortable lifestyle. Which, of course, goes against what society wants us to believe. You don’t have to work hard to be worthy of receiving material abundance! It might be hard for you to believe given what we were taught from childhood, but the fact of the matter is, you don’t; and, you’ll begin to see the truth in this the more you master your powers of manifestation.

By developing strength in your alignment with God, to your Inner Being, The Presence within you, you will begin to see how you’ve been attracting experiences to you for the sole purpose of personal growth. You will understand that just because you came ‘of age’, grown to adult years, it doesn’t mean you’re mature. In fact, you’ll understand that maturity comes only through a strong and unwavering connection to the only Parent Who’s raised us.

God expects us to take responsibility for our choices and behaviors in this life because God knows that it is through spiritual growth and ascension that we really put on our ‘big girl/boy’ pants.
When we mature and become our Soul on two legs walking confidently through this life feeling happy, secure and safe, we have no need to feel like a victim in any way at anytime.

The more time we spend in contemplation or meditation connecting with the stillness within us, the more confident we become about all of this. And it is through this confidence that we stand in our strength and power and know our purpose. We feel fulfilled in life and experience true happiness.

So make no further mistakes and get aligned with all the goodness inside of you so that you can see your life and your world transform. Whatever you change inside of you will be reflected in your world because the world you experience is actually inside of you.

As Bobby McFerrin’s famous song advises: “Don’t worry, be happy!”

Below, you will find items that can help you get ‘outfitted’ with everything you need to really get in to spending quality time with God and to inspire daily spiritual practices that promote spiritual growth and ascension.

If you commit to these daily spiritual practices of, let’s say, self-care & self-talk practices, mantras, meditation, yoga, chakra clearing, crystal, pendulum & sound work, tarot, and more, you will begin to develop a truly calm, peaceful, and happy inner life that can’t help but be noticed by people and life around you. In time, you won’t recognize you and your life, that’s how much you have transformed through ascension.

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