What Type of Foundation Are You Living On? Ego or Unconditional Love?

Kory M Wood Home

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Life is difficult when we try to keep the ground under us from falling apart. We feel like we’re constantly struggling to keep it together, to keep our relationships together, to keep enough money in our bank accounts, to be healthier in order to do more things in our lives.

To be free, to have freedom ….right!

Well, unless your foundation is solidly constructed from the secure base of unconditional love for yourself and others, you’ve essentially built your life on sand. Things come slowly and go quickly. Your life feels unsteady, and therefore, there’s not enough clarity or certainty that you can take to the bank….right.

Decisions made from lack and fear are in direct opposition to the energy and high vibe of unconditional love. Fear of not having enough or feeling like you’re not worthy is ego.

Why? Because it’s a lie and it’s not unconditional love.

There are only two choices in life with everything – love your life and self, unconditionally or be in your ego (being fearful, falsely confident, and lacking worthiness).

Enjoy the video.

Use Crystal & Chakra energy to turn your life around to heal your ego and become unconditional love.

Use beautiful Crystal Power to transform and heal your life by raising your energy and environment.

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