What’s Your True North?

Kory M Wood Home

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Our emotions are not only our barometer but our compass, as well.

They indicate a specific quality of feeling, for example, feeling happy, sad, angry or satisfied/contented.

As a compass, they indicate to us the direction we are heading in terms of creating our ’next’ life experiences, for example, wanted (positive) or unwanted (negative) experiences.

What we want to work towards achieving in terms of our emotional landscape is balance – equilibrium.

This is our True North.

We want to rest and relax in a receptive frame of mind that promotes a neutral and satisfied emotional state of being.

Neutrality is optimal and functions to be a highly resonating magnet of all that is perceived good in this world.

Neutrality is Love without attachments to a person, place or thing.

It is unconditional love.

It is the highest, and in truth, the ONLY form of Love.

This is Pure Consciousness.

This Love is stillness, peace and harmony.

This Love is anything but what most humans practice daily though have every ability to do so.

It’s because this is what we’re made of.

There is only Love and You Are It.

Below, you’ll find some fun and emotionally restorative items and resources.

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