From Bliss: A Split Mind

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Did you know that Consciousness is not the same as mind?

Consciousness is pure awareness, whereas, mind is busy thinking and the best way for a person to return to their Beingness to pure awareness is through meditation where thoughts are suspended. 

In meditation, the mind becomes still and returns to Oneness for a little while. 

Mind is temporary and Consciousness (Oneness) is eternal. 

Bodies need mind while Soul is pure bliss. 

It appears as though we are a Soul having a physical experience, and for arguments sake, let’s say that this is true. 

For this reason, and this reason alone, we are two parts – mind and Soul – thoughts (activity) and stillness. 

But, in truth, there is no such thing as two.

There is only One – the Oneness in God.

Only can activity take place in dreams and activity is the realm of bodies.

In Oneness, it is the pure stillness of bliss.

Pure awareness. 

Only One can be true.

Below, you will find practical resources to help you un-split your mind and return to bliss.

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