Praying For Love’s Answer: Praying Successfully

I bet you’ve had times where you have prayed and prayed but it seemed as though your prayers were falling on God’s deaf ear. If this has happened to you more times than you care to admit, then I have a solution. It’s all in the technique. As mechanical as this may sound, it’s not! It couldn’t be further from the truth.

Praying for yourself, a loved one, friend, stranger, group, cause, community or the world, is riddled with purpose. Is it not? You are seeking something from God. Just like a child looks to his or her parent or caregiver for help, so do we look to God to help us overcome some obstacle.

If you are a parent, you will have a deeper resonance with this. However, even if you are not a parent, you were once a child, which gives credence to what I am about to share with you.

You know that when you were a child you asked your parent or caregiver for something, anything! What did you learn from your caregiver about asking for something? You were told to say please and thank you, right! What else? Well, your caregiver responded according to the way you said please and thank you, right?

Without getting into it too much, you know what I’m talking about. The same for all the parents reading this. You know you are much more responsive to the pleas of your child asking you for something when you can feel their genuineness. Whenever you felt as though your child really needed what they asked for either because they asked you with a genuinely authentic choice of words and or tone of voice, or they remained persistent explaining all the reasons why it was necessary (and down right life or death, too <winking>) that you gave them what they wanted.

Notice in the last paragraph you just finished reading, I said a word, a very important word in this discussion. Although it was expressed in two different tenses – feel and felt – the word is the solution to getting what you are asking for.

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The same goes with prayer. If you are experiencing a lack of success in the prayer department, it is probably because you are not praying from your heart. Just as it is with your parent or caregiver, God needs to “hear” your prayer resonating sincerity.

So, When you pray, feel!
Words are only words, after all.

God communicates with us through our hearts.
God does not know the human language of words.
God only knows our hearts because it speaks of Love.
God being the Word – Love – can only know Love.

If you pray for more love or healing for you or another,
It means you’re asking for Love.
Love heals!

However, words alone will not reach His ear.
We have to speak to Him through our hearts.

When we feel Love as we pray (or meditate),
The feeling of Love goes directly to God’s ear.
Whenever we feel our prayer request,
He always hears and answers the call.

Open your heart and feel your prayer. This will increase your prayer outcome success rate and your love for God and all people. This is the solution. Try it and see.

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