Trusting The Path: Getting From Point A To Point B (The Golden Years Of The Golden Age)

All throughout this past week, I’ve had a song running through my mind several times each day. It was the chorus lyrics from David Bowie’s old song, Golden Years. I immediately wondered why my mind was recalling these lyrics at this time. This is not a song I would ever expect to populate my mind at any time! Not having been a huge Bowie fan, I wondered what this could mean. Nothing stood out to explain the phenomenon so, I brushed it off. Having all but forgotten about it, today, something triggered my memory of having had this experience this past week.

As a result, I immediately thought about the Golden Age of humanity. I felt guided to Google the meaning and significance of the Golden Age knowing that humanity is currently living in and evolving over the next two-thousand plus years within the influence of the coming new Age of Aquarius which roughly begins in six-hundred years. However, it is the current Age of Pisces, which began around the birth of Jesus, that continues to influence humanity’s great transformation. Its influence is waning however, making room for the effects of the incoming Age of Aquarius.

So what are these Ages all about?

The Age of Pisces influences us to be more forgiving, compassionate and in service to the individual. It is heavily rooted in religion, that being controlled by religious dogma and authority. During this time, we lived lives of relative reclusiveness, going within through prayer and meditation. This was a time of confession and dwelling within a house of prayer such as churches and monasteries.

The essence of this Age is reminiscent of a caterpillar cloistered within its cocoon slowly developing into the beautiful butterfly it will surely become. The butterfly will break free at just the right time. However, intrinsic to its developmental stages, there is a short period of time, while in its splendor, it remains cocooned. It knows it is meant to spread its magnificent wings and fly free and so it works steadily and without resignation peeling back one layer at a time of its once sticky silk cocoon.

This brief and seemingly idle metamorphic stage of evolving butterflies resembles this current time in humanity – the in-between Ages of Pisces leaving and Aquarius arriving. Like the butterfly, we are still somewhat cocooned in our individualistic ways. However, many are breaking free and turning to the greater service of all people. The Age of Pisces being about showing love, goodness and mercy toward our neighbors is a necessary and important step on humanity’s stairway to enlightenment. Whereas, the Age of Aquarius encourages us to climb even higher and embrace all people including the planet itself.

The Age of Aquarius is about marrying spiritualism with technology. We are learning to be altruistic through modern means – scientific systems, technological means and devices, and industry. This Age opens up the world to everyone where we can begin to experience ourselves as One; the Internet being the largest component of making this world easily accessible to anyone without having to buy a plane ticket!

The Golden Age is a period of “time” characterized by primordial peace, harmony, stability, and prosperity (Wikipedia, 2015). The term, Golden Age, comes from Greek mythology and legend and refers to the first in a sequence of four or five Ages of Man, in which the Golden Age is first, followed in sequence, by the Silver, Bronze, Heroic, and then the present (Iron).

Not unlike the Age of Pisces, the present Iron Age is characterized by a time of decline. That is, a time of going within, stepping back, and taking stock of what we are made of so that we may begin to find the courage and strength needed to break through the chains that hold us prisoner within the darkness of our cocoons.

During the Golden Age, peace and harmony prevailed, humans did not have to work to feed themselves, for the earth provided food in abundance. They lived to a very old age with a youthful appearance, eventually dying peacefully (Wikipedia, 2015).

Having heard the song lyrics run over and over in my mind this past week, I have come to understand that it is, then entirely possible to go full circle and end at the beginning. In this I mean, by following our bliss today and every day, we evolve at accelerated rates allowing us to skim over all other states of beingness and head straight into the Golden Age of peacefulness, harmony, stability and prosperity.

Thereby, humanity’s shift from one Age to the next is a simple shift in frequency meaning, we are becoming more consciously aroused – aware – in that we begin to see in different ways, our perceptions change, they evolve. In other words, our hearts and minds are tuning-in to each other, intra- and interpersonally speaking. Our left and right brains freely collaborate appearing to be one brain. Like a radio, we are dialing-in to a stronger frequency so that when we hit the right channel, everything becomes much clearer and more comfortable. As we know, when the dial is slightly off frequency from its optimal range, static ensues. Static is uncomfortable whereas, perfect clarity (optimal frequency transmission) is bliss, this being Heaven upon Earth! This is the Golden Age experience.

I believe spirit’s message to me this past week via Bowie’s song lyrics for Golden Years is about being on the right path and knowing and trusting in it. I cannot help but know I am being tutored by something much larger than myself. Its efforts are to expound upon me that peace is a real state of being and that by obtaining and thriving within the state of peacefulness, we cannot but otherwise be literally catapulted past all other Ages (or stages) of transformation. In other words, the butterfly, lacking indecision, exacts an opening (likened to dialing-in to the frequency) within its silky tomb purging itself of all limiting beliefs and flies free expressing its inherent magnificence. Metamorphosed, it is free and finally at peace. 

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Peace is humanity’s natural state of being. The one purpose we have in this life is to find that frequency that gets us tuned-in to just the right opportunity to break free from the world of limits and soar above with a new and fresh perspective. And then, we are truly ready to be of service to all and live the lives we dream of in perfect peace. This being the path of least resistance – our sacred journey to the Soul – the time has come for those who are ready and willing to walk within the glowing rays of the Golden Age of peace everlasting. Please join me, if you will. I enjoy your companionship. Let’s work the Light together.

There are two ways to know when you’re on the right path. One way is in how it feels, the second by how the path is unfolding in front of you.
-Abraham Hicks

Wikipedia (2015). Golden Age. From,

Kory M Wood Home Page

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