Manifest Your Life

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Repeat to yourself several times throughout your day …
Beautiful, Financial Prosperity & Abundance

Make it happen … MANIFEST YOUR LIFE

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We Are Bodies of Light

Light is what we’re made up of and it’s how the body is connected to Source.

Having Chakra energy centers open and spinning in balance with each other and the Divine is extremely important to our physical, mental and emotional well-being.

If even just one center is blocked by negative energy, we will experience ill health depending on which chakra it is.

For example, if your Root (Base) Chakra (Red) is blocked, it’s going to affect your ability to be financially abundant, resourceful and feelings of being safe and secure, and your lower back and lower body may suffer from spinal misalignment, slipped disks, sciatic nerve pain, poor blood circulation, etc.

If, for example, your throat chakra is closed off, you most likely have difficulty speaking up for yourself, expressing yourself in creative ways, not knowing what to say, your words get stuck in your throat or they come out all jumbled up, you may be “overly sensitive” (or so you’re told!), you often suffer from throat infections and colds, you might have difficulty swallowing, etc.

I cannot express enough how important it is for every human being, including you, to sit quietly every day for a few minutes focusing your attention on each center in order from the Root to your Crown Chakra asking the Divine to shine Its Light on each, one at a time, and imagine each center spinning in a clockwise motion.

It might help to imagine these chakra centers to look like the lotus flower and imagine the petals opening up one at a time as it spins.

Using your imagination for chakra clearing and balancing is vital.

You can restore energy movement and health to them and the corresponding body areas and your physical health by working with your chakras healing them on a daily basis.

Manifest your best life and you’ll want to do this by spending time balancing and activating your primary Chakra Centers that are uniquely connected to specific areas of your body, and the perfect way to activate your Chakra Energy Centers is with these 7 Beautiful Chakra Crystal Healing Spheres. They function and look great in any room.

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