The Art of Allowing

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The Art of Allowing means to allow things to happen and materialize without you having to manipulate, dominate, or control other people or situations to make them happen. It is the result of getting to a ‘feeling better’ emotional and mental state of being. It is being in alignment with Who You Are, and it’s you loving you.

This universe is based on attraction and it functions by responding to your dominant thought or the vibration within you; what you’re thinking, feeling and pondering are all very important and relevant activities in terms of manifesting the life you desire.

The Law of Attraction is the Universal Law that states: “That which is like unto itself is drawn.” Depending on your current state of mind and emotional stability, you are either manifesting what you want or you’re not. Understand, that whatever the quality of your thoughts and feelings are in any given moment, irregardless of whether they are positive or negative in nature, they will always direct your experiences. This makes YOU, quite literally, the creator of your life.

This is why it is crucial that you become aware of what you’re thinking, what your beliefs and opinions are, and how you’re feeling in any moment. You want to always be reaching for a thought that makes you feel better because the way you feel is your personal guidance indicator. You are either in your power of allowing or feeling disempowered by your disallowing stance. When you’re allowing, you’re in receiving mode whereas disallowance is resistance, which is pinching yourself off from receiving.

Resistance results from whatever makes you feel ornery, angry, feeling bound and not free, and vulnerable. In contrast, feeling open and receptive offers you the opportunity to feel valuable, worthy, light, free, sure-footed and clear-minded – an overall feeling of well-being.

Remember, it’s your dominant thought that drives your life experiences and it, is therefore, quite literally your manifestation powers. It’s the thought that you have time and again to the extent to which is takes form. It’s become a belief that informs further thoughts and ideas and drives your actions. It is the emotional frequency you emit, not unlike a radio frequency that we dial into on our car radios. If you want to attract things, people and events that exist at a higher frequency, you will need to (dial into) level-up your thoughts so that they take on the quality of those otherwise higher-vibe experiences. The better you feel emotionally, the better your life becomes in every way.

So what are some things you can do to catch the frequency of a high-vibe life? Well, the first thing you will want to practice doing is to ask yourself some questions to determine whether or not your current state of being is in alignment with what you want for yourself in your life right now and in the near future.

These questions are: What is my dominant thought right now? Is this dominant thought in opposition to my desires? If they are not, good work! Keep doing what you’re already doing.

However, since you’re here reading this blog post, I would venture to guess that your life isn’t all that you had hoped it would be by now and that you’re looking at your future to be much of the same if something doesn’t break soon.

There are so many wonderful and awesome exercises, tools and resources that are available online whether free or paid that can get you changing your mind and feeling much, much better about yourself and your future, soon!

It’s easy to change your perspective but not so easy to break habits. What you decide to change in terms of the way you think about something or someone TODAY, may turn 180 degrees depending on how you wake up the following morning. And then, oops, there you go again falling comfortably back into those old familiar thought patterns that then leave you feeling disappointed, disheartened or just plain angry.

The book I have featured in this post, The Law of Attraction is written by Jerry and Esther Hicks and the Consciousness known as Abraham – a disembodied intelligence who speaks through Esther. This book is packed full of higher information that can help you change your perspective of life and to improve outcomes with increased self-empowerment; it can quite literally help you transform your life and become the person you always wanted to be.

By reading this book, you can learn how to become happier within understanding that The Law of Attraction can be your best friend and ally in life. Or, it can be your worst enemy. It all depends on you and the decisions you choose to make. You will decide whether you’re a magnet to high- or low-vibe outcomes; either way, you are a magnet.

Like I mentioned a minute ago, there are a plethora of aids, tools, literature and practices to help you open up and become “an allower” to all good things while gently and lovingly allowing your resistance to subside. Many are listed below. One of the best tools for manifesting the life you deserve is the simple practice of being grateful. Journaling things you’re grateful for each day and doing this for 365 days, if not sooner, will change the quality of your life. It won’t be long before you can look back upon life and not recognize yourself.

You can create vision boards that can assist you in keeping what it is you are desiring right there out in front of you where you can reflect upon it often.

Crystal energy, pendulum work, goal setting, eliminating negative thoughts and positive affirmations are but a few solid ways to not only practice the art of allowing but to bring a sense of vibrancy into your life where it wasn’t before as you usher in lovely things, people and other desirable experiences. But that’s not all! There’s so, so much more. A simple Google Search is all that is required to discover more helpful resources and tools.

Begin your journey to creating the life you deserve, today; there’s no better time to start than right now.

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Disclaimer – This post contains affiliate links. I may earn commission if you decide to sign up for a program or make a purchase using a link on this page.

The Hicks have masterfully created this book on The Law of Attraction that many of us do not yet understand or even know about. It has the power to help you change the way you view your life experiences and Abraham’s teachings can help you grow to become the person you always wanted to be and experience the good things in life that, up until now, you’ve only dreamt about.

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