What’s the Difference?

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What do you choose to do when you run up against something that makes you feel awful, horrified, scared, threatened or squeamish?

I know what I usually do. Automatically, like a reflex, I turn away from it.

Literally, I choose to turn my face (focus) and sometimes my entire body away from it as a means to avoid being effected by it, after the initial shock, that is.

So, what’s the difference? What do you typically do when you become aware of how you’re feeling when you have a certain thought or opinion about something or someone that’s negative?

Most often than not, people tend to let the situation dictate and drive their well-being, That is, unpleasant situations can often hook, line and sinker us into, at the very minimum, matching the negative frequency of the situation.

Instead of accepting something for what it is, and choosing to regain emotional equilibrium, we resist. And in this resistance, a whole host of mental, emotional and biological patterned chain reactions results.

The point here is that you can choose to feel better by turning your FOCUS away from that thought or opinion quickly, at least within the first 17 seconds.

In this first 17 seconds, we are given (by the Universal Law of Attraction – like attracts like) a buffer that protects us from manifesting that which we do not want to experience.

By choosing not to resist it, and accept and let be, you effectively choose to regain your personal power.

Alternatively, choosing to remain in a lower vibration of negative thinking, you are effectively giving your power away to that thing, situation or person.

Is the need within you so great and all consuming to be ‘in control,’ to be ‘right,’ that you don’t care how you feel about the situation?

You don’t care about how you feel?

Ask yourself: What, in my life, is more important than how I feel?

a) Do you enjoy feeling low-vibe, that is, irritated, annoyed, mad, angry, anxious, depressed, righteous, spiteful, revengeful, etc.?

OR … b) would you rather feel happy, carefree, energized and at peace – and successful, as a result?

Psst: a small tip: choose option (b). 👌🏻

You see, it’s all about how you feel, caring about how you feel in any moment, and using your God-given power to choose.

Inspirational wall art and posters strategically placed around your home or office can help remind you to be mindful of what you’re thinking, and to make necessary corrections within the 17 second buffer time our generous universe allots us.

Inspirational Wall Art

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