The Big Bang: What You Didn’t Know

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We are all connected, this is referred to as entanglement in Quantum Physics.

Through the quantum field, or ‘the ethers,’ which is all around us at all times, we are connected. Quantum Physics has often been described as the science that explains everything. It studies matter at its most minimal scale to understand how particles work and interact with each other. To learn more about Quantum Physics, check out these great reads, below.

The relatively new (since 1925) and exciting science of Quantum Physics helps us make sense of that small piece of mystery that has eluded our understanding until now.

We cannot see the quantum field with the naked eye but neither can we see electricity, radio waves, X-rays, or wireless signals, but we know and experience them to be there.

All time and space sits on the head of a pin, if you will, it is only ONE point and it is Consciousness.

That is, everything appearing to be separate and measured through past and future, and separate dimensions, is stacked on top of everything where there are no separate dimensions and time and space is NOW.

This is the unified field measured by science.

Therefore, everywhere and every-when is on ONE point and so as one is effected by some ‘thing,’ all is effected.

We are connected at both the micro and macro levels within this system of invisible forces and energies. In fact, our Universe is a highly intelligent and sophisticated system of design and structure.

It began with the BIG BANG – entanglement.

The huge advantage to being ‘stacked’ is that when we allow ourselves to heal, the entire system heals.

Discover how Quantum Physics captures the essence of spirituality by describing the quantum field and how our thoughts effect our reality.

The same is said, unfortunately however, that when one thinks and behaves in less than loving ways, the entire ‘body’ of ALL is also negatively affected – broken and needing to be mended.

What we think and do impacts every ‘other’ part of reality.

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