Do This to Lower Stress … Meditation

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Meditation is an ancient practice used to become present. It functions to bring stress levels down and to restore balance between our body and brain.

Stress comes in three forms: physical, emotional and chemical.

The stress response is what our body innately does to return itself back into internal order.

It functions as a way to return our bodies and brains back into balance.

Unless it’s an emergency, or it’s a mortal threat, the stress state can become extreme where one remains in this state longer than is optimal. In fact, some stay in this state 24/7.

As a result of being overly stressed for too long, the body becomes diseased.

A daily meditation practice can help you release your stress and simultaneously heal bodily disease and emotional imbalances.

Meditation brings your brain and body back into balance – back into homeostasis. Tone therapy can be a highly useful and relaxing way to bring your vibratory frequency back into alignment with vibrant health and wellness.

Your energy begins to expand so that you feel lighter and more energetic.

Whereas, with being in the state of chronic stress, you’re pulling in more of the energetic field around you that produces chemicals in the brain/body in an effort to address the ‘perceived threat,’ and the heavier you feel.

Lethargy comes over us as a result of becoming more particle than wave. That is, more matter (weight) than wave (energy).

Meditation assists brain-body coherence – a state of order and balance.

Or, in other words, healing and health.

Try these beautiful and helpful aids during and in between meditation times.

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