Get Paid For Just Existing

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Have you ever wished you could just sit and do nothing and without lifting a finger, money pours into your life?

Align your frequency with the vibration of our Source and all that you consider to be good comes to you – even money! Literally, get paid for just being in energetic alignment with Pure Consciousness.

Yes, you heard that right … get back into conscious alignment with Who You Were before you became the body you find yourself to be here now.

All you have to do is get your vibration in alignment with the high frequency of your Soul.

Create a vibration that matches your desires.

The higher your vibration, the more and bigger your desires can attract.

You achieve this, and YOU CAN, money, blessings of all kinds, wonderful relationships, opportunities abound as well as healing and health will track you down and it will all be yours.

This isn’t hype. It’s very real and more real than what we’re trying to do to GET all of this.

You don’t GET, you ATTRACT and RECEIVE all that you desire by just resonating with LIFE, ITSELF.

And if you’re wondering ‘what’ that is. It’s the Divine Source within you. Align your entire heart, mind and Soul with the high energetic frequency that matches our Divine and the world literally becomes your oyster.

How can you do this?

In a million different ways and then more. But, first, I recommend doing what needs to be done and get your mind settled into stillness allowing your Soul’s vibratory frequency to rise up within and literally touch the face of God.

Do this for a few minutes to begin with everyday and then increase your time spent in communion in this way with the Divine.

The idea is that the more time you allow your mind to bask in the Divine’s Light, the less time you’ll be in a state of stress, worry, fear, anger, anxiety or depression.

As a beautiful result, you will feel happier and content from the inside out. And, don’t forget, the extra perks of this is that money is raining down into your life, your relationships are healing beautifully, you’re feeling healthier all around and more and more fun and exciting opportunities find you wherever you happen to be.

It’s all good and it’s amazing when your mind, heart and Soul are all in alignment. The reason why you’re not experiencing this and having to work hard to pay your bills is because you’re simply not in complete alignment with Who You Really Are, yet!

My friend, you do this and you’ll never want for another thing. I’m learning this, as well. And it makes complete sense to me.

You simply cannot have all those BIG and wonderful things like loads of money and harmonious, fun and lovingly committed relationships, and great bodily energy and strength without the BIG VIBE in you. You MUST match that which is bigger than your frequency is right now.

You get into perfect alignment with the Divine within you and you’ll be securely on your path to true happiness and true success in all its forms.

Don’t wait any longer to miss another day, month, year or lifetime of what you deserve to experience. God did not say, “Now Son, go forward and be poor.”

No, He said, “My most beautiful Son, shine your light everywhere, prosper and let there be no time where you are not abundant and happy.”

So much fun and excitement is waiting for you to arrive. Take time away from your humdrum life and meditate.

You will literally transform your life and it won’t be long from now that you’ll look back upon your life and not recognize who you were then.

And thank God for that! 😊

Meditate to get paid for just existing.

Below, are some wonderful tools recommended for getting yourself aligned with the Divine for attracting abundance to you.

Fun and effective tools to use to promote inner stillness and an abundant mindset.

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