The Dream: One Mad Moment

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Every past life we’ve lived and all future lives yet to be lived are stacked on top of each other throughout all dimensions of time and space and universes.

Imagine them all to be playing out on the head of one pin, if you will.

The head of the pin is the NOW moment.

I’ve mentioned in another post that this life we believe and experience to be living here on Earth is an illusion, or, if it’s easier to imagine, it’s a sleeping mind dreaming of bodies and lives on planets.

The dream of time and space is one mad moment of the Son of God believing he could be something he cannot possibly be – that is, something that is not eternal, that is not ONLY pure Consciousness, that is fear and ego and all that comes with this.

God knew His Son was having fantasies and quickly corrected his state of Beingness.

God whispered into His Son’s Consciousness, which is God’s Consciousness, through His Holy Spirit, and gently asked him to remember his frequency of pure Love, not to say he could ever forget something that makes him Who He Is.

In that immeasurable moment of Beingness, His Son responded in full resonance. Not that he couldn’t ever be in full resonance.

You see, when someone has everything they could ever want, like the Son of God has unconditional Love and the Highest frequency of Status, we always look for something else, something more, something different. As the Collective in this dimension and universe, we are the Son of God.

And for that one immeasurable moment of resonance, the Son wondered, just wondered, what it might be like in a lower frequency of resonance, not that he could ever be. He’s the King of the Kingdom of God, after all!

God & Son are inseparable and ONE in the same.

Us humans refer to that immeasurable moment as the NOW moment.

So, when I say all of our lives past and future (really there’s no such thing, but in linear time within a dream it certainly feels like we have a past and future), are stacked on ONE head of a pin (just for imagery purposes). This means the Son of God HAD his fantasy of being something and somewhere he couldn’t possibly be – in a body with an ego mind having experiences of fear, doubt, shame, regret, etc., etc. – it was all over almost as quickly as it began – it was just one mad moment.

With the Holy Spirit whispering into consciousness, the Son came back to his ‘senses’. And the dream faded quickly away.

But, because consciousness is as powerful as it is, it can remember. The awareness is also alive so, the Son is NOW always AWARE of WHERE HE IS and never again slips into fantasy frequency.

So, the memory of the fantasy is still in our Consciousness as a Collective Mind and there are parts of the mind – like myself and others – who remember our WHOLENESS AS THE ONE, and are therefore, awakening to the falsities that have gripped our minds for eons of un-real time.

These parts of the mind that sleeps and dreams are aware and know ‘Who’ We Are and ‘Where’ We Truly Are.

We are or have already awakened, Jesus was one such person Who intuitively knew His Truth and came into this dream to be with us to show us ‘The Way’ to let go of fear, the dream.

But, there are many others still alive today Who Know Who They Are and no longer fear and work to show others how to release the fear through remembering Their Truth.

So, once you allow yourself to sit in your fear for a moment feeling it so that you can heal it, all of your dream lives – past, current and future – heal making YOU WHOLE, ‘again.’

Thus, waking you up.

The NOW moment is the ONLY ‘time & space’, the immeasurable moment where you can heal you and never be afraid again.

Isn’t that a beautiful thought and how freeing it is to live unafraid. It’s literally, Heavenly!

Living unafraid is just that.

You know you are safe and protected by Him.

No more worries about this or that.

No more thoughts of regret, shame or guilt.

No more adversity to try to avoid.


Because, when you wake up it’s because you’re putting more and more faith into trusting that God has your back and has made everything work out FOR YOU.


No need to worry about anything small or large ever again when you have your mind resting in His Peace.

You know, not unlike Jesus, intuitively that all is working out FOR YOU. Everything will go in a way that IS BEST for everyone concerned.

Which to me, is thee BEST THING EVER!

No one suffers unnecessarily – karma will have its way but it always functions to make the person BETTER.

Karma doesn’t come back around to bite us in the butt to leave us desolate. It always functions to grow us up – to become honest and loving, caring, responsible adult people.

NOW is the moment of all things. The mind just believes, though temporarily, in past and future.

Feel whatever it is you’re afraid to face and let yourself heal you.

Once you do, it’s healed for all time. You’re never going to experience that again. That’s the beauty of all lives being stacked on top of each other.

Of course, Who’s healing You?

Your SOUL … that God Self within you.

Make good friends with IT. ♥️

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