Our Kids … What They Know That Their Parents Do Not

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Oh my … I just heard some groundbreaking knowledge from Abraham (Esther Hicks).

While we live our lives, every bit of contrast causes us to put its opposite into our vortex (I affectionately refer to this vortex as the ‘tickle trunk’). This part is not new to me.

By the time we croak and release our physical bodies, we return back to Source and BECOME EVERYTHING that we have stockpiled into our tickle trunks.

[NOTE: if you’re as old as me, you’ll know where the term ‘tickle trunk’ comes from. LOL Psst: a clue is ‘Mr. Dressup’.]

As a result, when we re-emerge from Source back into another lifetime with a body, we have all that ‘know-how’ and ‘knowledge’ of our vortex with us.

What typically happens then, as we re-emerge into another lifetime as an infant growing to become a child, then teenager, is that our parent(s) begin to notice that we seem to have more know-how and knowledge about anything or something in particular they themselves did not possess.

For example, their child seems to be more intuitive, exhibits highly creative talents, has great mathematical prowess, or technical or technological skills that we, as adults, only wish we had.

And we label these kids as Autistic, Indigo, Crystal, Millennials, … whatever … children.

When, in fact, they’re just exhibiting advanced skills unlike what we may own as adults, only because these are Souls who have lived before us. Whether that’s 50 years ago, 100 years ago, or just 12 or 5 years ago, it doesn’t matter.

What matters is that, not unlike adults today, these people lived their lives and before they croaked, they were busy loading up their desires into their personal tickle trunks. These desires came about as a result of having the opposite experiences to what they would have otherwise wanted.

When they come back for another round of life on planet Earth starting off as a baby, of course, they come back already having become all that they put into their vortex during their lifetime before.

Abraham referred to this as a ‘new determination to be unconformable.’

And it is this that makes each one of us a marvel to the previous generation.

When you and I croak, we’ll become all that we’ve put in our own tickle trunks and when we re-emerge (incarnate) as newborns, once again, to parents, we will appear as though we have special abilities and skills they do not possess. Or so they think.

What Abraham said is that we all have access to this energy stream, it’s just that us old fogies are NOT as open to being receptive to this same energy stream as the new ones are.

We are resistant to it because we get stuck in our ways the older we get, and this makes us largely closed off to the up-and-coming and new energies.

Abraham said everyone has access to this same stream of evolved consciousness that the kids coming in today are in tune with.

It’s just that adults are largely more reluctant to tap into new energy streams of wisdom and knowledge.

I’m not, but I often experience other adults as being closed-minded and just plain reticent to uncommon information and truths.

As an adult, if we want to tap into this energy stream that our kids are connected to, we would want to put ourselves into a receptive state of being, which is usually done quite effectively during meditation.

If not for our own personal evolution but just to be able to connect with our kids in ways that we have not been able to do because they are so much more ADVANCED than we are, meditation can greatly assist us.

This is why we don’t seem to be able to ’understand our kids today’.

You know that complaint, right! “What’s gotten into our kids these days, they just won’t …..”

Well, so this is why. Abraham spelt this out today when I was listening to them.

I’m open to this energy stream, already.
I have been for quite some time … you can be as well.

Here’s the Process:
Decide – to be receptive – open your mind
Discover – what pains you & nasty beliefs
Choose – to think differently about it
Choose again – to tweak the way you think
Release – that old energy that you are right
Forgive – yourself & any others (in silence)
Heal – because you did (released & forgave)
Be free – you’re finally healed – Yay!
Evolve … You’re now in the same stream as your kid.

Below, you will find some very helpful resources and tools to help you meditate, heal and move into receptivity.

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