You’re A Lover Not A Hater

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7 Billion ++++++++++++

A life with soooo many people and things to acquire, discard and worry about…

And this is just on this planet …. !

What about all the other Beings we humans refer to as ET’s?

Don’t we need to worry about them and their intentions?

And this is just in the third dimension… !

What about everything we may (or may not) need to consider at some point in our Soul’s evolution, all of this becomes more to think about and react to?

Oh my, sooo much to consider everyday…

Life is extremely complicated and that’s on a ‘good day.’

What about when it’s chaos?

It’s sooo much easier to think about and consider ONE.

Don’t you think!

I’ve read books and I’ve watched and listened to many different programs where people discuss the potential of or having had the experience of seeing, or studying or learning (in some way) about different planets, universes, dimensions and dimensional Beings, realms, the existence of ET’s and UFOs, etc.

There’s a lot to consider, to remember, to make sense of in some organized manner, isn’t there?

But why bother?

Information like this used to, at one time many years ago, make me curious and intrigued.

But not any more! And it’s because I have awakened to the truth of our Singularity, that is, our ONENESS.

I have come to understand the reality of what we call life and now see it as a dream that a sleeping mind – yours and mine – are being called to awaken from.

My mind has become so focused on the simplicity of ONENESS – experiencing us as being connected, and therefore, ONE – that it no longer places any interest or focus on all the dream-created layers of hierarchies and layers of complication of chaos.

My mind is becoming more adamant about dismissing the reality we live each day, not that I don’t see it and experience my life as being ‘real’ in the context of a dream, because I do.

Hey, I feel pain when I stub my toe just like anyone else, however, I’ve learned to open my mind up to the possibility that I don’t have to take any of this seriously.

By doing so, I’ve invited in and rest in peace in both my heart and mind. I’m not fretting, worrying or getting angry like I once used to.

I’m in acceptance-mode and allow things to be what they need to be and I allow people to be the way they need to be.

What then is there to react to in any way less than unconditional love?

I certainly experience unpleasantness and mild annoyance when facing something, for example, the yucky odor of rotting flesh, right!

But, it’s what I do as a response and it’s about ‘how long’ I allow my mind to focus on it and linger in it that has significantly changed.

Just like you, I’ll jump and probably swear in pain when I’ve stubbed my toe on a piece of unyielding furniture.

But, it’s how quickly I reign in my reaction and let go of the ‘wrong’ I momentarily judged that has changed for me. Or, I should say, I’ve changed for me.

I have come to learn that I am intrinsically ‘a lover’ and that I have never truly been ‘a hater,’ BECAUSE I Am foremost and ONLY a Soul made of PURE LOVE.

As are you.

You are not a hater, you’re a lover.

You, too, can dial in your attention to let go of complication and chaos. You can believe in the ONENESS of life allowing your part of the mind to awaken and to be free, to be at peace because you’re accepting and allowing instead of resisting.

Resistance is for haters and chaos.

Acceptance is for lovers and Singularity … Simplicity.

All you ever have to do is choose:

Peace or chaos?

Acceptance or pain/suffering.

Simplicity or complexity?

Allowing or complaining?

Or … choose to not choose … which results in continued pain and suffering.

I choose peace above all else. I love peace.

Become 1 in a billion of all the billions on this planet who are not experiencing peace, and free yourself. It’s so easy!

Below, you will find helpful aids and tools to use to meditate to free yourself from resistance and chaos, and to free your mind and transform your life, as a result. Enjoy

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