Forgiveness Heals Anger

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Forgiveness Heals the Anger

Forgive yourself because you are an enlightened Being who is playing a crucial part in waking us up to love.

Think about it, whether you believe this one life is all you have or not, you’re still playing a role, irregardless, right!

So what’s the opposite of anger or hate (similar vibratory frequencies of energy)?


Ok, so now that we have that over with, being angry is just a role not unlike being a mom, dad, brother, sister, child, friend, spouse, partner or co-worker. It is only one aspect of how you could describe yourself.

Don’t forget, you’re also a beautiful and powerful Child of God. In fact, this role is your One and only One true role, all others are illusions, just masks we wear for a while.

I was an angry person, but I’m not anymore. Yes, I was very angry and made life difficult for others. But, I woke up to the realization that I, the One true real me, is much more powerful than the anger.

It took time, yes of course, it always takes time to heal something simply because it was in time that we developed and perfected our roles.

But, like me, if you allow yourself to grow and learn about your role and how it can be removed and laid aside like a loose-fitting garment, you too, shall heal.

All that’s important here is to know who you are, a powerful and loving Being of pure essence playing a role for a time whilst learning to love who you truly are.

This will heal you, completely!

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