What’s Your Worthiness?

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What do you think the entire human race is struggling with the most?

Feeling less than.

This feeling of being unworthy causes all the so-called evils in the world.

Why do you suppose we feel unworthy?

Is it because of the things we haven’t been able to achieve in life as adults, for example, the great career, the loving and loyal partner, 2.5 kids and the white picket fence?

Or, maybe it’s because of the way we were raised and how our caregivers and others in authority positions treated us?

Or…is it perhaps because we have a deep-seated subconscious belief that no one would want us after turning our backs on the One Who Created us.

Well, ppl, the ugly truth is the third reason but, because of this deeply-seated belief, the other remaining reasons resulted and contributed to this ongoing adult-psychosocial-virus of emotional disequilibrium.

The reason for humanity’s emotional unrest is due to a buried (for survival reasons) unconscious belief that we are not good enough to be loved by the One Who Created us.

Not unlike the well-known parable of the Prodigal Son where a son is afraid to return to his father’s home after squandering his inheritance and being penniless, he was forced to work and live with pigs.

His belief was that his father would turn him away and we know this didn’t happen. Instead, he was welcomed with great joy and celebration.

Jesus told that story for a reason.

Jesus, knowing our Creator intimately, wanted his disciples to understand that it doesn’t matter what they think they have done, they will always be welcomed into His Kingdom.

He wanted to instill in them that we have NOT left God nor has He deserted us. That God is within each of us and we can’t possibly be separated from Him.

What should this mean to you?

It should tell you that the ideas and beliefs you have about your unworthiness is incorrect and unfounded.

It should tell you that He’s in and with you always and that you are deeply and forever loved and protected by Him.

It should give you reason to love yourself, to heal the misconception that you are less than, and to let go of any illusion about who you are NOT.

In fact, it should empower you to know that you are His beautiful child in Christ.

There is no ‘other’, just You.

Below, you’ll find some wonderful and enlightening resources to help you love your worthiness.

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