The Tenets of Reality & The Return to Oneness

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There are truths about half truths and falsities that the tenets of Reality clear up for the mind eager to know the truth about its reality for the simple purpose of living a transformed life filled with happiness, abundance, health and everything else it covets.

Oneness is the only thing One needs to believe and focus on to have all it wants in twoness (aka, duality, life on this planet as we experience it) and for all of this to remain stable and secure.

A Return to Love: Reflections on the Principles of “A Course in Miracles”

These are basic principles.

—The dream we dream while Consciousness appears to sleep (unconscious), becomes the ‘vehicle’ to our awakening.

—Life living on the planet of hard knocks (Earth) becomes painful and sometimes unbearable jolting us into semi-consciousness.

—Each painful memory and experience is now realized to be ‘life lessons’ with a purpose.

—You understand that these lessons are meant to yank you back into Reality that puts you on your own personal path to consciously and willingly agreeing to wake up (from this dream) to Who You Really Are – the extremely powerful pure consciousness of the Divine God/Goddess.

—More and more, you realize Where you are – no place that matters but purely conscious stillness.

—Understanding now with eyes wide open and the filters off that there is no ‘place’ other than in God.

—You use your temporary mind to know that you are All That Is and are in Oneness, and that there could not and never has been duality (twoness).

—With no-thing that matters, you now understand, that although you thought for one mad moment that you could be a body with an ego personality living a life (and many lives!) on a physical planet in a physical universe, that NEVER WAS! 

—And with this, you wake up to the final realization that there was never anything or anyone to forgive. 

—With no one or nothing to forgive, you have finally mastered the art of allowing your Spirit to Expand and receive the Truth of your/our Oneness with Him and return to full consciousness ‘back into the welcoming arms’ of God – like the Prodigal Son.

—You’ve awoken and are no longer dreaming and you feel free to Be all that you desire to Be knowing the purpose of sleep – that it really didn’t have a purpose because God is All There Is. 

—You understand that God does not and never has needed to expand or to get to know Itself by dreaming up worlds and lifetimes of bodies.

—You put down the illusion for the last time also letting time go and no longer enslaved to it and to your body. 

—And you decide to just live and love and to let others do the same. 

—You’ve ‘returned’ to the Lover you have always been. Ahhh!

—The dream is over and has never been. 

—Peace reigns over your heart and mind while still loosely holding onto the body and it’s life with other bodies for a little while longer.

—Then, your ‘Final Act’ calls you to let go of your body (the illusion) and leave the dream completely behind.

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