Being Blessed, Or Not: Love Or Ego

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If at any moment you’re NOT sitting in mind/heart (balanced) energy OF UNconditional Love, you are effectively (and sadly) choosing your ego (solely “up in your head” choosing to see what you can get (from others/situations)) over your heart.

Listen …

When you choose to sit in ego you behave needy, co-dependent, competitive, demanding, sneaky, deceptive, inflexible (“my way or the highway”), using, eye-for-eye, spiteful, vengeful, boastful, overly confident, sarcastic, flighty, controlling, cheating, noncommittal, uncaring, untrustworthy, righteous, feeling like a victim – just an ugly mindset!

Comparatively, when you are in your heart and it’s in balance with your mind (50-50), you behave stable, grounded, committed, fair, just, compassionate, flexible, strong, faithful and unconditionally loving. – a truly happy mindset.

In any moment that you’re not stable in Who You Are (heart/mind balanced), you’re operating within your relationships and behavior as an EGO.

Do you enjoy being treated like an ego?

Because you always get (attract) that which you give. Ego gets ego (from others) in return.

Unconditional love ALWAYS attracts unconditional loving people, relationships and life experiences.

God knows your heart and cannot bless you whenever you’re sitting in your ego.


Because He doesn’t recognize anything that is NOT unconditional love.

Understand, that as long as your EGO is emitting ugly energy, it’s low-vibe, and where does God reside?

He is only in the Highest vibratory frequency of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

This makes Him largely UNAWARE of your heart simply BECAUSE He cannot see your BLIP on His Radar Screen as strongly as He can see His Child who is emitting Unconditional Love.

Remember, God (our ONE Source of life) is ONLY Love.

Anything that is NOT Unconditional Love cannot be blessed.

Effectively then, as long as you behave from your ego that is, behaving from your logical mind, your heart, largely hidden under the layers of pain and sadness (the reason why you have an ego), remains (relatively) largely unknown by Him.

But, by God !!!! When you open your heart to express Who You Really Are in any moment, He immediately blesses you BECAUSE He’s “SEEN” you.

God always blesses His Creation – there is No Time (quite literally) where He’s NOT in BLESSING-MODE.

As long as He can “see” your frequency arise and show up on His UNCONDITIONAL LOVE RADAR SCREEN, He’s going to immediately BLESS YOU.

And He will continue to bless you/your life (here on this planet), for every moment your vibratory frequency rests in His “Sight” of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

Emit for one moment outside this highest frequency, and once again, you slip into oblivion.

As you know, most of us vacillate between ego- and love-based thoughts and behaviors (all of which is energy/frequency).

In fact, even the “love” we think we are feeling and giving to others is NOT always the Truest form of His UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

But love is better than ego at any time when compared to the ugliness of an ego mindset.

The closer you come to God’s Highest frequency, the more He can detect you and with His simple rule …

“As long as you are Love, He will immediately BLESS You/your life.”

So, as long as you behave in loving ways and think loving thoughts, His blessings will pour into your life.

Quite literally, His blessings are YOUR INHERITANCE. They belong to you and to only you.

What does this mean?

It means that what’s for you is always for you. God will keep your blessings safely stored and kept for you UNTIL You Love again.

This was a very long way to say that as long as you release your ego and allow your True Nature to arise, He can bless you.

Unfortunately, there aren’t too many people who understand this kind of what appears to be “hidden Truth” until it is SPELT OUT.

And even then, many of you will scoff at it simply because of ignorance. You’re just not ready … yet … but, someday you will be.

The bottom line is that if you want your life to hold meaning, to be filled with love and unconditional love and the QUALITY of God’s BLESSINGS that matches this frequency, you will need to …

LOVE!!! LOVE!!!!!! LOVE!!!!!!!!

Below, you will find wonderful items and resources to help you become the frequency that matches the blessings God has been storing for you, today.

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