Pure Consciousness Is All There Is

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Quantum physicists have theorized that

“Pure Consciousness” is the only ‘thing’ that exists and anything else is an illusion.

This means the frequency of God, being a sound wave length is All That Is.

What this also means, then, is that everything we hold to be true about our human experience, apart from the single frequency of sound (Love) within us (God/Soul), that Spark of the Divine, is an illusion.

Not real.

What this should mean to you is that you are not meant to take your life too seriously.

Just enough to do good work that gives you the feeling of meaning, but not enough that makes you worry instead of laughing, warring instead of loving, and hatred instead of acceptance.

Like a dream you wake up from in the morning, this life is meant to be temporary, interesting, but seen for what it is, unreal.

Do you worry and fret over the things you’ve experienced in your dream?

No…instead, you wake up from it and say: “Phew! I’m sure glad that was just a dream.”

And you quickly brush it off and get on with your day.


That’s what we’re meant to do in our waking dream, the illusion that does not Truly exist for nothing exists apart from the ONE frequency of God/Love.

I’m not really a body living a life as a body.

Do you realize how freeing that can be and what it can mean to my mind?

Yes, there appears to be consequences, but again, because this life is an illusion, the consequences are an extremely temporary blip on the historical face of mankind.

Remember, every timeline – past & future – and every dimension, realm and universe(s) of planetary bodies and suns, are all stacked on top of each other as ONE immeasurable moment, and then, it’s gone! Poof!

God is realized once again.

Below, you will find fantastic life-transforming tools and resources to help you raise your energetic frequency to match God’s.

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