Going Home: The End Of The Universe

Kory M Wood Home

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You’ve heard the saying: ‘God is All There Is.’ Right!

God Is All There Is means that anything we humans perceive with our physical sensations – taste, touch, smell, sight, sound – is not real.

The God spark is in all life but only in Its true form of Pure Consciousness.

What this means is that the Soul is the only most real part of you.

Even so, in truth, the Soul is not your Truest Highest conscious expression.

On the contrary, It’s the lowest resonance up one level from physical matter – the body.

Even your Highest Self – Spirit – is still not quite your absolute truth. It is once removed from God Himself.

Soul, Spirit and God are Light but It’s only God Who is beyond the perception of light and darkness.

In fact, God, being All There Is, is wholly outside the universal perception of Light.

He is the Light but in a nothingness – void – expression of Pure Consciousness kind of way.

The Light we humans look for as the Divine is still part of duality in the higher dimensions (that are not real).

To connect with God Himself, one must get centered within to ’enter’ the emptiness space where nothing exists but Pure Consciousness (Him).

(Think meditation.)

And it is Love felt overwhelmingly in your heart space that indicates you are with Him.

Don’t be discouraged by this because within the seemingly apparent limitless confines of ‘The Box’ our universe, all levels of dimensional love and it’s opposite remain to either assist you in your enlightenment process (agents of the Light – Angels, Spirit Guides, Light Beings and crossed over ancestors/loved one), or to delay it (by agents of the dark).

We have access to everything we need to move closer to God, your True North (Unconditional Love of Pure Consciousness) within the box, but your goal is to move out towards the fringes of the box to become an outside-of-the-box thinker.

It’s there where you think more abstractly and begin to understand not only your true reality and purpose but what is beyond.

And it’s what’s beyond the fringes of the box where Jesus will meet you and take your hand to walk you safely over the bridge across the precipice of time/space (duality) to Oneness.

Then you’re truly Home never to be born and die (to recycle time and again) within the confines of this box ever again.

Now doesn’t that sound like a really great way to live your life – to be unique and brave?

No more following the crowd and being led around like cattle only to end up on the slaughter house floor.

No more will you be plugged into the matrix of space, time and dimensions ever again.

That’s Jesus’s promise to us.

I love Jesus. He is the one who will guide us out of the dream, the illusion, back to Reality

Below, you will find resources that will take you Home with only a little willingness.

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