Changes Come First From Within

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Change comes FIRST from within.

When you’re struggling with someone who is not behaving in a way you wish they would, here are the options you have and the processes if you choose OPTION 2 or 3.


1. Resist & Retaliate (Remain angry & in turmoil)

2. Let go & Accept (but, keep connection)

3. Let go & Accept (but, shed connection)

4. Don’t do Anything (remain angry & unforgiving)


Option 2:

—You understand and have decided that you need to change yourself in order for you to be happy in life & in your relationships.

—You’ve decided to stay in the connection and make it work irregardless of whether or not the other person changes their ways.

—You’ve decided you will forgive and become tolerant and accepting (as long as it isn’t abusive in any way).

—But, the main thing is, you know this particular relationship is calling you to level-up, to take responsibility and to change yourself.

Option 3:

—You understand and have decided that you need to change yourself in order for you to be happy in life and within yourself.

—But, you’ve decided that while you’re growing (leveling-up your vibration), the other person is not, and therefore, you’re feeling as though you’re being called to move on.

—If this is an abusive relationship, you know you do not deserve the abuse and it’s time to leave.

—You move on leaving the relationship behind.

—If it’s an abusive relationship, you will decide not to have any further contact with the other person.

—If it is not abusive, you move on knowing that contact can be possible but from a friendly position and nothing more. You understand that you are meant to experience something or someone new.

Life is always in a state of flux; people come and go as we grow. We are not meant to live stagnant lives and remain in relationships that are abusive or limit our abilities to expand our horizons and personal development.

We are here to learn to remember Who We Really Are and this entails learning to love ourselves.

But, change cannot improve our conditions and situations UNTIL we change and grow from within, first.

Below, you can find resources and tools to help you let go of toxic people from your life and for you to heal and move on.

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