State of Delusions

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Until we awaken, we are in a state of delusion.

We do not have to be clinically diagnosed with mental illness where one of it’s criteria is “having delusions” to be delusional.

This should shock you … you are delusional until you see your “reality” for what is … an illusion.

Essentially, being delusional means you’re living your life walking upside-down.

However, you’ve been doing it for so long and the collective mind agrees with it that it’s become the ”norm,” that it’s not uncomfortable to walk upside-down.

In fact, to walk upside-right – not being delusional (waking up) – becomes uncomfortable.

This is why most humans do their darnedest to try and avoid it.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always felt like there’s something not quite right about this reality we call life ever since I was a young child.

And it wasn’t until the pain from this life became far too unbearable that it was live or die, for me. And it was at that time that I chose to live and really and truly live my life.

Ultimately, it was about loving myself understanding that it is ONLY me and God who will love me as I deserve to be loved and cherished.

It’s between me and God as One.

I had to come to terms with the unreality that there are ‘others’ who matter.

Y’all, there is absolutely no ‘other’ who matters more than you!

When you get that …. truly get it … and begin aligning your heart to the ONLY ONE Who truly loves you … you will begin healing your delusions.

And let me tell you … it’s VERY FREEING to heal. Letting go had become my new alma mater; my modus operandi.

It’s because I corrected my perception that I now walk quite comfortably upside-right through my life.

I’ve pushed through and way past the suppressing boundaries of ‘the matrix’ to soar and be with Him in both my heart and mind.

The delusion caused enough pain in my life that I had three choices: live, die or love.

Sadly, some of us just can’t see far enough past their delusions to learn that to love is the choice to live; so they parish by their own doing.

That doesn’t fix anything. They will just circle back around and try living life again dragging those past distance memories with them. As a result, they’re already at a great disadvantage in their new life.

Delusions do not end on their own – you have to make it heal – by letting go of what you’ve been telling yourself while contently walking upside-down through your lives.

Your discomfort becomes comfort when you begin looking at your life through a new set of lenses … when you decide to remove the rose-colored lenses of the past.

Below, you will find some great items and resources to help you learn how to walk upside-right in your life.

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