The PPH Model of Repetitive Thoughts

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Effectively call to you, through your belief in their existence, the spirits (vibratory resonances) of Pleasure, Peace & Harmony. Repeat several times: “Pleasure, Peace & Harmony.”

You see, what you believe is made ‘real’ by you. Your beliefs make your reality.

As long as you believe that the frequencies of Pleasure, Peace & Harmony are accessible to you, they will come into your Auric biohuman energetic field that surrounds your body, like a bubble.

As you reach to them through your belief in their existence, they are able to reach down into your reality.

They are at the higher frequencies from physical matter, but your faithful belief in their energetic existence will help you and them make the connection; a connection you should be able to feel in your body, if not right away, you will with practice. And, let me say that the energy change focused from these divine entities inside your body is extremely comforting and good-feeling.

As a result of this faithful connection, you effectively bring their healing resonances into your bodies – all of your bodies – mental, emotional and physical.

Pleasure helps to remove physical pain, Peace calms your mind and thus your central nervous system, and Harmony unifies your heart and mind – all very effective healing energies at our physical level.

Go ahead and make best friends with Pleasure, Peace & Harmony,

You won’t be sorry you did. This daily practice will literally change your life in such wonderful ways.

Below, you will find beautiful and exciting items and resources to help you call-in healing energies to your body and your life.

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